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      Hello everyone~! I am Cheetahpaws, I've been having interest in painting furry art for quite some time. But work has always made it difficult to afford the time to paint more after getting home from the office. Recently I started using Patreon and Gumroad and gotten some support from the community. Which allowed me to be able to rely more on creating furry art as a career. I hope one day I can get to be a full-time furry art painter. So thank you for your interests!

      All the packages here are exclusives from Patreon, I gave Patrons early access and packages before available here on Gumroad.  Hope you will enjoy these bulgy packages and thank you for the kind interests and supporting my arts.

      ✪ Furry Art ✪ Painting Tutorial Videos ✪ NSFW ✪
      I'll leave some links here for the other social media where you can find updates and art: